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Be a person, not a service.

Branding is more about feeling than it is about colors and fonts. It’s my goal to ensure that your logo, colors, and fonts illicit the feeling and emotion you want from your clients. We can match your new and bold brand with a website to turn your passion and purpose into actual profit.


I offer two packages.


The Complete Brand

  • 3 Logo Variations
  • 2 Curated Font Pairings
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • Brand Guideline Document
  • Multiple Filetypes
  • Ongoing Support


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The Complete Identity

  • Complete Brand Package
  • Customized SquareSpace Website
  • Professional Branding Photography
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Mobile Design
  • Award Winning Customer Service


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Frequently Asked Questions

01. I notice you don’t offer just a web design package. Will you design my website without designing my brand?
This is a great question and unfortunately I don’t design websites without designing their brand as well. Branding is such an integral part of the web design process so designing a website with a brand designed by another person is like driving a car blindfolded with someone giving you directions. You aren’t a part of the driving force of the project. It’s imperative that I’m a part of the process from the very beginning in order to ensure the quality and integrity of my design.

02. I already have a logo but not the other elements of a complete brand. Will you update my logo and complete the brand?
Absolutely! If you already have a logo that you would like to use as the foundation for your brand going forward, we can definitely do that. However, the logo designs that I submit to you will be updated versions of that logo that can be matched with the other variations of the brand.

03. Why do you exclusively design on SquareSpace?
I’ve been designing websites for private clients for over a decade and SquareSpace has come the closest to making the process as seamless as possible. In short, I can design intuitively and more efficiently savings time and money for the client. For my clients, it gives them a whole host of awesome things such as…

DIY is in their DNA
SquareSpace was originally designed for the do-it-yourself entrepreneur and they still operate this way. A client can maintain and update their website in a matter of minutes without needing to know code or complicated procedures. Drag and drop and you’re good to go.

Peace of Mind
SquareSpace is designed and maintained by an award winning company that’s on the leading edge of design and best web practices. Because it is a web host and platform, you know your website will work the way it was designed to work and it will always be available. There’s also no third party plugins that can screw up your web site.

Built in SEO
You want your website to be found, right? SquareSpace has already built into the platform site descriptions, page titles, custom URLs, search-friendly formatting, and other key elements are all easily managed. Each site also generates a sitemap automatically that helps Google crawl, understand, and rank a website.

Secure Connections
Squarespace offers free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates for all Squarespace Domains and third-party domains connected and pointing to a Squarespace site. You know that when someone visits your website, their connections and information is always safe.

There are so many more reasons why I choose to design exclusively with SquareSpace. Feel free to email me for more information!

04. Do I have to pay the entire payment upfront?
No! I require 50% payment upfront to secure my services with the balance due immediately before I hand over files and/or make your website live. You can, however, pay in full if you prefer.

05. About how long does the entire process take?
This is so important! For a branding only project I take no longer than three weeks from start to finish and I religiously stick to this timeline. In fact, my contract explicitly states that if you aren’t willing to commit to this timeline, then we should wait until you absolutely are. It is paramount that I stick to this timeline as I only work with one client at a time. For a branding/website project, I commit to a six week timeline. These projects are more intensive but a project with a start and end date always has a better chance of satisfaction from both me and my clients.


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